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The Crabble Tales
Friday, 14 March 2008
The Crabble Tales: Chapter 1, Tale 2
Mood:  down

The Happy Start of Exploration (Bingo)

" Life is so boring and never ends. I want to learn more! I want to escape death! It is so small here, yet I haven't explore every tip... And by every deep clean, everything changes by centimeters."


(Wow what a big crabble! I am so small!)

" Uhh...Hi Odette!"

" C'mon, lazybump, let's explore!"

" I want to eat first, maniac!"

" Alright! Let's go."

" It is finished..."

" Eat the cuttlebone!"

" Sure?"

" Yes."

" Thanks." 

Posted by thecrabbletales at 12:49 PM
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The Crabble Tales: Chapter 1, Tale 1
Mood:  chatty

The Loss and The Beggining of Friendship (Hiccup)

" A new beggining in life. I have arrived in a new home. I want to run away from problems yet they are my amusements. What can I do? Why do we live when we will die later? Will my life end tomorrow?"

" I've been waiting for a home that cares about me. And I finally arrived in a home filled with happinness and joy like... now..."

Hiccup goes up and stares on the furniture, looking at me.

" Staring at things makes me wonder if I can see life as a map. I should have protected Vanilla after that molt. All this suffering I had, I wish for it to end. If there are bright futures... there... won't... be any." 

 Crabbder appears.

" Hi there. I know you miss your BFF Vanilla, but cheer up. The others are worried of you, you know."

" You're... Elder Crabbder, aren't you..?"

" Yes, the legendary phropecier. Right now the star crabbles are watching us, giving hints of losses and begginnings."

" And..."

" Yes, they said a new hero will appear in the midst of pain..."

" And it refers to you! You saved me from the midst of pain!"

" I guess so."

" Thanks! OK I need to go and excercise now. I'm bored!" 

Posted by thecrabbletales at 12:26 PM
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The Crabble Tales: Introduction
Mood:  happy
Topic: Announcements

OK hi hi, welcome to my blog, first of all.

In this blog, crabbles are my hermit crabs and here I use a text type that is in the crabbles' sight. All of this crabble tales are fiction and are just imaginations of my creative little brain. 

Since journals are so boring, I use internet blogs to shape my creativity.

OK my crabbles have names...

Kuzco a.k.a. Odette, Peppercorn a.k.a. Precious, Bungy, Redd, Hiccup, Spot, Jacky a.k.a. Jacques, Spidercrabbie a.k.a. Crabbder, Sunny, Choco, Pinx or Little X, Rolla, Pastella, BZingo and Star.

Please don't copy this style of writing. Let your imagination flow and one day you will find your art of style. 



Stephanie a.k.a. Crabble Goddess 

Posted by thecrabbletales at 12:16 PM
Updated: Friday, 14 March 2008 12:42 PM
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